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Tanglin Apple Pie Moonshine

by Tanglin

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50 CL, ABV 34%

When one thinks about Singapore, one does not normally think— ah a perfect place for apples! But one beautiful sunny day, inspiration hit us in the Tanglin Creations Lab. It was pre-pandemic and we were with our dear friends from the food and beverage community.

We were getting experimental, and were feeling nostalgic for the comforts of what is normally associated with the -ber months: hints of cinnamon and clove. We then blended in the flavours of Singapore that keep us grounded here, like ginger and gula melaka. After the usual trial and error —we were left with something... unexpected, that has become a guilty pleasure among our gin-folk: Meet our Apple Pie Moonshine.

PeOple associate “moonshine” with prohibition or America, but here we are in Singapore, and it’s a new era! Our Apple Pie Moonshine is its own special spirit—an ode to old traditions, but also to what is hidden.

Let's not forget, moonshine literally referred to the light of the moon. Do you like moonshine? Or are you moon-shy? Prefer the mysterious? Whatever it is — our Apple Pie Moonshine is a good ol’ drink to celebrate the moonshiners tradition and the sometimes, somewhat mysterious, Singapore.