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Massenez Crème De Cassis De Dijon (BlackCurrant)

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70 CL, ABV 20%

Crème de cassis is a blackcurrant liqueur created via infusion and maceration that originated in France. Auguste-Denis Lagoute of the French Dijon region is thought to have invented the rst crème de cassis recipe around 1841. Many of the best examples are still grown in this now-famous cassis region.

Deep ruby color, slightly bluish and dense due to its sugar content. Frank and typical of blackcurrant, without any foreign note. This intense nose marks the quality of the selection of the original fruits. Very fruity and persistent fragrance that is a real invitation to tasting. A creaminess that feels immediately. Fruity flavors that explode in the mouth and bring a fragile sweetness that leaves room for a final touch of acidity for a perfect balance of flavors. Harmony and sweetness for this exceptional creme.