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Cipriani, Carnaroli Rice 1KG


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The most important quality of rice for the preparation of a true Venetian risotto is that it must be cultivated in the countryside which is irrigated with spring water of Isola della Scala. My family is from Verona and this is the both the rice of my childhood memory, as well as that of my table. The grain is larger and longer in appearance than others, it retains the starch until it is vigorously creamed and does not overcook. It has a color which tends to cerulean. The cooking time is slightly shorter: about 15 minutes. Due to its qualities, its use is suggested for the preparation of grainy, less creamy or wave-like risottos, or for the realization of rice salads.

:- "Less ingredients and more quality: the same recipe since 1931."



Weight: 0.5 l / 0.13 gal
GlutenFree, Vegetarians, Vegan, LactoseFree, MilkFree
Made In Italy