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What Makes the Perfect Espresso Martini

What Makes the Perfect Espresso Martini

The espresso martini cocktail is perfection in a glass: simple, exciting, and totally delicious. It's equally amazing to have before a meal as or as a cold pick up me right after that gorgeous steak.  An espresso martini, as the name implies, is a cocktail that combines the best qualities of espresso coffee and the martini (the gin or vodka bit).  

The Classic - The classic espresso martini is essentially a mixture of two parts vodka, one part freshly made espresso coffee, and one part coffee liqueur shaken briskly with loads of ice.

Tia Maria (with a hint of vanilla) as the classic coffee liqueur absolutely fits the bill. Unlike other coffee liqueurs it is not loaded with sugars and conveys the taste of coffee without adding an extra layer to your waistline.

The Classic without Freshly Brewed Espresso - But what happens if you don’t have a super swish express coffee machine or have loads of friends over who can’t wait to sample your cocktail creation?

No fear. Caffe Borghetti (Italian) represents traditional espresso. It combines arabica and robusta beans from three separate parts of Italy. The North, Middle and South. To anyone who have visited Italy, each region has it’s distinct flavours and these flavours find their way into the coffee beans. Thousands of litres of freshly brewed espresso are made daily to make satisfy the thirst for this surperb brew so you don’t need to brew the coffee.

For the Caffe Borghetti espresso martini

  • 30cl of Borghetti,
  • 60cl of vodka,
  • Add lots of ice,
  • Give your drink good shake in the tumbler.

The Aussie Way - On the other end of the spectrum, Mr Black (Australia) represents the modern barista. 100% arabica beans from Colombia, Kenya and Papua New Guinea are cold brewed i.e. soaked in a cold infusion to extract the essential flavours of the beans. As Mr Black already contains vodka and is effectively half the sugar of Khalua, all you need for the Mr Black espresso martini are:

  • 60 cl of Mr Black,
  • 30 cl of espresso coffee
  • Add lots of ice
  • Give your drink a good shake in the tumbler

The Glass

Prior to serving the martini in the glass, you may wish to chill the martini glass in the freezer for at least 20 minutes. Strain the contents into your chilled martini glass.

The Garnish

To garnish the espresso martini, you can simply opt to use coffee beans – the most popular choice – or lemon peel, cocoa powder, chocolate shavings yum 😊

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