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Why use copper mugs for your Moscow mule?

Meet the Waghorn's of Astrolabe Wines

It's tough to separate the drink from the glass it's delivered in when thinking about some of the most popular cocktails sipped throughout the world. Great cocktails are made out of well-balanced spirits and mixers that have been thoroughly shaken and poured into the appropriate glass. Whiskey is traditionally served in a low-ball glass. A martini is served in a glass with a long stem and wide brim. The greatest margaritas are served in enormous glasses that make even the tiniest serving bowl seem insignificant.

Each iconic cocktail is popular because it stimulates the senses with rich flavours, appealing scents, and the greatest possible presentation. More crucially, each of these cocktails is defined by the glass in which it is served. The Moscow Mule is a cocktail made by mixing Russian Standard vodka, lime juice and ginger ale (we recommend using Franklin & Sons Tonic Water Original Ginger Ale). This cocktail is popularly served in a copper mug, which adapts to the cold temperature of the liquid. Unlike with other cocktails, the reason why the Moscow Mule is served in a copper mug is more than just for aesthetics purposes. 


A nice martini is made by shaking it over ice and pouring it into a long-stemmed glass. When these drinks are delivered in the correct vessel, those who consume them have a better experience. This for the simple reason that copper mugs are great for preserving the chilly temperature of your drink, think of copper’s insulating properties, enhancing your enjoyment of a Moscow Mule. Here's why:

  • The handle of the mug separates the coolness of the drink from the heat of your hand.
  • As your Moscow Mule mixes reaches the bottom of the mug, it rapidly cools down.
  • The drink is kept chilled by the copper sides of the mug (great insultanting properties), whether you're drinking it indoors by the heater on a cold winter day or outside on a hot summer day
  • With each sip, the rim of a copper mug cools down instantly, providing a cold sensation for the drinker.

Better Taste

Taste is always subjective, and it differs from one person to the next. Copper mule cups, on the other hand, are said to improve the taste and scent of the Moscow Mule. According to some experts, when vodka comes into touch with copper, the resultant oxidation process enhances the taste of the vodka.

As a result, the flavour of your Moscow Mule is greatly enhanced. Cold copper mugs also boost the amount of bubbles in your drink, bringing out the carbonation of the ginger beer and making it fizzier. 


Who you are as a cocktail connoisseur is defined by how you consume your favorite beverages. The glass you drink from says a lot about you. Sure, you could drink your Moscow Mule out of a plastic cup, or highball glass but would you like it as much? Solid copper Moscow Mule mugs are the only method to keep your drink cool while also enhancing the tastes, making your experience even more enjoyable. Also, just think about how cool you'll look with a copper mug in your hand!

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Russian Standard Original Vodka

Russian Standard Original Vodka

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Russian Standard Platinum Vodka

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