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Warner's Rhubarb Gin


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70 CL, ABV 40%

One third rhubarb. Two-thirds sunlight and laughter. Pink only by Mother Nature, the world’s first Rhubarb Gin. 

It would be so much cheaper and exponentially easier to use “flavorings and essences” like most of the other rhubarb gins and pink gins on the market, but that is against everything Warner' believe in. The hard work behind this pink gin results in complex and mouth-watering rhubarb with cardamom and sweet orange on the palate and fresh, tangy rhubarb explodes on the nose with a pinch of black pepper.

Drink different. Serve with our Franklin & Sons Ginger Ale, a slice of orange and friends; or a Indian Tonic, blood orange and laughter at sunset.

Suitable for Vegans



  • The Gin Masters Silver (Flavoured Gin) 2019