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Ricci Curbastro Franciacorta Satèn Brut 2016


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75 CL, 12.5% ABV
Awarded for six consecutive years, from 2001 to 2006, with the Cinque Grappoli by the Italian Sommelier Association (AIS), the Satèn Brut is the ultimate expression of typicality and harmony of Franciacorta DOCG. Again, for the AIS, in 2003, it was deemed the best Italian wine, due to its quality/price ratio, and the AIS Lombardia ranked it the best wine in the Lombardy region in 2007.
Characterized by a lower pressure in the bottle (maximum 5.0 atm), which provides a bead of extreme subtlety, persistence, and smoothness.
Color: straw yellow, clear, and brilliant.

Nose: to the nose, it presents a substantial presence of ripe, thick, and dense fruity notes that mix with spicy aromas and yeasts, which are reminiscent of toasty, almond notes.

Palate: of great elegance, it presents again to the palate the same olfactory sensations sustained by body and structure, enlivened by a slight acidity.