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Mr Black Single Origin Colombia Coffee Liqueur

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70 CL, ABV 25%
Good things take time, and that’s why it’s been over two years since the launch of our last Single Origin Coffee Liqueur. Today, after many months and sleepless nights (caffeine, right), we are pleased to give you, our faithful congregation, an exclusive first-look at the newest edition to the family: Mr Black Single Origin Colombia. The coffee, a 100% Caturra Arabica, was selected for its fine balance of sweet fruit notes and natural ferment flavours. With a distinctive berry, fig and chocolate character. This Caturra coffee is processed by Finca Villa Betulia using the “honey” method. After harvesting, some of the protective outer layer is left on the bean after initial pulping, allowing a small degree of natural fermentation to take place and flavour to develop. Honey processing (given its name by how sticky the coffee gets during processing) delivers a uniform and clean flavour, with a well rounded acidity. Complex process, exceptionally delicious.