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Engine Gin 700ml

by Engine

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"Yup, you're looking at a fuel can full of London dry gin – a gin can! Produced with an array of botanicals from Italy, including lemon, liquorice, damask rose, and essential oils, the result is a delightfully delicate expression with thankfully no petrol notes to be found.

This certainly ought to turn some heads, and will be a fab choice for anyone who likes a tinker in the garage, followed by a refreshing G&T when it's time for a pit stop... Probably best to keep the gin can in the house though, not the garage, to avoid any mix-ups y'know?

Crisp lemon peels bring zesty character balancing floral juniper, and a crunch of clove. Hints of fennel and dried herbs appear, with peppery warmth on the finish.Engine is a craft organic gin, produced in small batches with vacuum distillation and using 100% Italian botanicals. The unique motor oil can design is inspired by founder Paolo Dalla Mora and his passion for engines, such as the height of motocross in the 1980’s.

Its formula is linked with Italian and Piedmont tradition, paying tribute in its composition to those rosolios (sweet liqueurs), cordials and liqueurs made from sage and lemon which in the past were ancient digestive remedies. It is produced with completely organic ingredients, from a controlled Italian supply chain: alcohol from wheat, juniper from Tuscany, sage from Piedmont and Liguria, lemon from Sicily and Amalfi coast, liquorice roots from Calabria, damask rose and water from the Alps."