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Adelaide Hills Distillery 78 Degrees Muscat Finish Whiskey

by AHD

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70 CL, ABV 44%
This 78 Degrees Muscat Finished Australian Whiskey is a whiskey that looks to break the traditional boundaries of what we know whiskey to be, creating something uniquely Australian in style & flavour. When seeking a fortified wine to further mature the whiskey, 78 Degrees sought to further showcase what Australian whiskey can be, focusing on what is an iconic Australian fortified wine.

Aroma: Rich stewed fruit and raisins up front, give way to dark chocolate and apricot. A faint whiff of smoke on the nose, with rich notes of digestive biscuits.

Taste: Raisins and stewed prunes on the front palette give way to notes of cocoa pops. Dried apricot comes through late, with a tingling spice of black pepper.

Finish: The taste of dark fruit, along with some rich demerara sugar. A lingering note of clove and black pepper, along with a faint smokey note.