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Adelaide Hills Distillery 78 Degrees Australian Whiskey

by AHD

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70 CL, ABV 44%
A uniquely Australian whiskey from the Adelaide Hills distillery, this is the new-for-2021 core range expression under the 78 Degrees label.

Using local South Australian barley (the longitute and latitude of which are on the bottle) they also use a portion of un-malted - or green - barley alongside specialty malts Biscuit, Supernova, Redback, Toffee, Crystal and Chocolate.

Distilled in a single-shot style through their hybrid still, it is then matured in 200 litre ex-wine casks, both American and French oak.

Nose: The feeling of last nights campfire on a damp winter morning. There’s sweet notes of caramel and vanilla, along with dried fruits, such as fig and apricot. A faint whiff of something more bready like freshly baked Christmas cake or pound cake and some obvious spice notes of Cinnamon, ginger and vanilla

Palate: Chocolate crackle cake. Toasted muesli, with some cooked banana and dried apricot on top. Like sitting in front of the fire on a winters evening on the farm, tucking into some cinnamon biscuits with wattleseed.