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Five Things to know about Moscow mules.

Five Things to know about Moscow mules.

It's likely that you've heard about it by now – that the Moscow Mule is a drink that originated in Russia. But in fact it is actually American. It should have been probably the called the American or Californian Mule as the drink was invented in the 1940’s in Hollywood California.

The drink (vodka, ginger beer, lime, lots of ice and a copper mug as the vessel) is both basic yet refreshing and is an all-season cocktail that everyone can enjoy, from the most discerning cocktail aficionado to the novice drinker.

The vodka gives the kick (hence the term mule), where the ginger beer / lime give it a spicy, sweet & sour taste. The copper mug conducts the coolness of the ice making the drink a perfect accomplainment to a hot summer’s day.

Here are 5 things you probably didn't know about the world's most refreshing copper mug-carried cocktail!


a. The drink was invented in the 1940's in the US and is not Russian!

At The First Pour, we have vodka from Australia (Adelaide Hills / Vodka O), New Zealand (Broken Shed), UK (Chase) and of course Russia (Russian Standard and Beluga).

While the original drink used Smirnoff vodka as the foundation, you can use any vodka of your choice as the base. But the name Moscow Mule stuck out as it sounded the most exotic and cold especially for Americans living in California.


b. The drink is a cocktail, and one of the few cocktails served in a copper mug

It all started when Sophie Berezinski, a Russian immigrant, arrived in California with almost 2,000 of her father's handcrafted copper mugs. She sold the mugs to anyone who would buy them all around Los Angeles.

As fate would have it, the Cock 'n Bull bar (inventor of the drink) bought her entire copper mug collection, and to distinguish the Moscow Mule from the other cocktails served at the bar, they served it in their newly bought copper mugs. The rest, as they say, is history!


c. The copper mug accentuates the taste of the drink and keeps it cool

The fizziness of the carbonation in Moscow Mules is amplified by cold copper, making for pleasant sips and an aromatic smell.

Many Moscow Mule drinkers also claim that the copper cup brings out the spicy ginger beer and citrus lime flavours even more.


d. The lime a crucial element cutting through the ginger ale

The Key lime, Persian lime, and kaffir, or makrut lime are the three main lime kinds available today that you can use in the making of your Moscow Mule.

Looking for a mule with a tiny herbal undertone and a great acidity kick? Take a chance on the Key lime. Do you like a mellower, more approachable flavour? Choose a Persian lime. Want to take a risk with a very sour mule? The makrut lime might be right for you.


e. Use Ginger Beer for the Spice and Ginger Ale for a sweeter drink

There are some significant distinctions between ginger ale and ginger beer, despite the fact that they both have a ginger flavour. Cocktails with ginger beer have a robust, spicy ginger finish which really complements the vodka in the Moscow Mule.

In fact the original drink used Cock 'n' Bull's home-brewed ginger beer. Ginger ale on the other hand provides a pleasant zesty sweetness to the drink. To each their own!



At the bar or at home,  the Moscow Mule works well as a refreshing cocktail? Get in touch with us and we’ll hook you up with the best ingredients to use for that butt-kicking and mind-boggling mug of Moscow Mule!

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