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Martin Millers 26 Moons Gin


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35 CL, ABV 42%
This Maderia cask was relunctant to leave its Oaky bed and offer up its secrets. This cask was then monitored at regular intervals over a period of 26 months, but only now has it delivered. It is presented at the optimal age of 26 months or 26 Moons.

Each individually numbered bottle have been drawn from the cask then blended at source to a bottling strength of 42% with Icelandic spring water.

Tasting notes: In this cask, the oak added very little vanilla sweetness. Instead, a dry freshness, like unripe berries underpins juniper. The usual citrus brightness of Martin Miller's Gins is evident on the nose, but there are also soft floral notes in it long, dry finish