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Franklin & Sons Soft Drinks (Case of 12 x 275 mL)


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Franklin & Sons's range of soft drinks follow on from the work of their founders which dates back to 1886. Their signature ingredients which comprises of Staffordshire spring water and British sugar beet, are blended with the best quality natural ingredients to create a refreshing range of soft drinks. Subtle carbonation means the range has a versatility at its heart, providing great standalone refreshment and is also the perfect partner to food. All Franklin & Sons drinks use only natural flavours, extracts and preservatives, and four of the range are low sugar variants, ensuring there is something to delight everyone.

1886 Cola - Spicy sweetness from 12 different herbs and spices is balanced by vanilla, rich Columbian coffee beans and the rose-like aromas of the African kola nut, a classic cola. Our classic 1886 Cola also makes for the perfect mixer, and is available in 275 ml with a higher carbonation level to bring out the best in the finest spirits.

Elderflower Lemonade - Sicilian lemons and English hedgerow elderflower are blended with Staffordshire spring water, renowned for its purity, and British sugar beet, for a subtle citrussy sweetness. Lemons from Sicily are gently pressed to give a burst of rich citrus, which is balanced by a hint of juniper and the refreshing floral tones of handpicked hedgerow elderflower. Low in sugar but full of flavour.

Ginger Beer - A Great British classic. Ginger is brewed for a week with malted barley, extracting the rich flavours of ginger root. Immediate spicy warmth gently builds, before a squeeze of zesty lemon balances, creating a warming refreshment. Our Brewed Ginger Beer also makes for the perfect mixer, and is available in 275 ml with a higher carbonation level to bring out the best in the finest spirits.

Orange and Grapefruit - Valencian oranges bring juicy sweetness, balanced by zesty pink grapefruit. A touch of lemongrass gives subtle fragrant spice and notes of citrus, to create a unique flavour profile.

Raspberry Lemonade - Succulent raspberries are balanced by refreshing lemons, to create mouth-watering, low-sugar refreshment. A deliciously light and fresh drink, with the wonderful aroma of freshly picked raspberries.