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Cipriani Eloise Mediterranean Tonic Water 20cl

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Enjoy the Eloise for a bloom of fresh Mediterranean spices: a taste of Italy in every bottle.

Enjoy it neat for an easy drink. When mixed it wisely blends freshness, bitterness and those mediterranean spices everyone dreams about.

Eloise smells of classic Italian flavors, Sicilian citrus and Mediterranean spices. Delectable on its own, it delights with its sparkling vivacity and exhilarates with its fresh and aromatic zing thanks to the natural quinine extracted from cinchona bark. This tonic is also recommended to those who wish to give an extra flair, a dash of something irresistible, to their Gin Tonic or Vodka Tonic.



Water, sugar, carbon dioxide, acid: citric acid; 0.1% Sicilian citrus fruits infusion, 0.08% extract of cinchona bark, natural flavourings.
Pack Size : In Bottles
ABV : 0%